Nasci em Macaé-RJ, no dia 03 de novembro de 1961. A minha formação acadêmica inicial foi em Administração de Empresas. Trabalhei como consultora empresarial durante muitos anos. Por volta do ano de 1999, comecei a minha formação holística na área das Terapias pois compreendi a necessidade de ampliar o meu conhecimento no comportamento humano para o meu trabalho.

Ished brain to function more effectively. viagra use among young men The doctor who uses coconut oil with some success is dr. Mary stewart in orlando, florida. viagra generic When axona was in clinical trials and showing some results but not yet available to the public, she read the patent application and found that the active ingredient was a short-medium chain triglyceride: c6. where can i buy viagra in johannesburg Upon researching further, she found that coconut oil provided useful levels of c6 and decided to try it on her husband. (axona was subsequently given fda approval and is now available by prescription. is generic viagra safe and effective ) shortly after my partner was diagnosed with posterior cortical atrophy (the visual variant of alzheimer's), his sister -- who has a masters in nursing -- read about dr. Stewart's success with it and told me about it. viagra on line from canada I reviewed her website with my partner's neurologist, who is an associate professor of neurology at northwestern university's feinberg school of medicine. is generic viagra safe and effective He said that the ketone body theory behind the use of medium chain triglycerides was valid and that there would be no harm in trying coconut oil or, even better, pure mct oil. is generic viagra safe and effective (axona was just coming onto the market, and he was going to begin trying it with some of his patients. generic viagra ) links are emerging between diabetes and alzheimer's, as the alzheimer's brain is impaired in its ability to metabolize glucose, the brain's normal energy source. This is suspected to be one of the causes of the gradual dying off of brain cells with the disease. As it happens, the brain is one of the organs that can metabolize ketone bodies as an alternative fuel. viagra pills And medium chain triglycerides are converted by the liver into ketone bodies which are carried to the brain by the portal artery. The nih is now beginning to fund research into ketone bodies based on some of the promising results she has gathered and reported from others who have experimented with the medium chain triglycerides. Current research seems to suggest that ketone bodies can get to the more superficial brain tissues fairly easily, and this is the layer in which the visual processing and motor skills areas lies. The ketone bodies do not get into the deeper tissues as readily, and this is where the memory centers lie. viagra canada My partner lost the ability to read, to see icons or the mouse indicator on a computer screen, to tie his shoes, to fasten a seatbelt, etc. He shuffled badly when he walked, and he had had to quit driving because of constantly colliding with stationary objects. Some of these symptoms disappeared completely soon after beginning the oils (the shuffling and the inability to use a computer), and others improved more (tying shoes, fastening seatbelts) or less (reading). Coconut oil and mct oil are clearly not a cure for alzheimer's. viagra 50mg tablets However, they might slow the loss of cognition. And they most certainly improve motor and vision skills. In fact, my partner's posterior cortical atrophy seems to be completely arrested. The typical course of the disease is for the person to become func. generic viagra without prescription O meu pai trabalhou com a bioeletrografia durante muito tempo e, na ocasião da sua morte, presenteei um amigo com a sua máquina kirlian. Poucos meses depois ele me devolveu o equipamento pois havia sonhado com o meu pai dizendo que a máquina kirilian deveria ficar comigo para que eu pudesse continuar o seu trabalho.




Procurei então o Professor Newton Milhomens e tive a oportunidade de fazer os Cursos oferecidos pela IUMAB – International Union of Medical and Applied Bioeletrography com o próprio e com a Dra. Selma Milhomens (atual Vice-Presidente da IUMAB ).
Este foi o início do meu trabalho como terapeuta holística.


- Curso de  Reiki - Sistema Usui, Tibetano, Osho e Karuna (Professora Lidia Curvelo / RJ - Ano: 2000)
- Curso de Astronomia (Fundação Planetário / RJ - Ano 2001)
- Curso de Interpretação de Bioeletrografias (UMAB / Curitiba  - Ano: 2006)
- Curso Avançado de Interpretação de Bioeletrografias  -  Master Degree (IUMAB / Curitiba - Ano: 2006)
- Formação em Psicofisiologia Chinesa e Práticas Energéticas (Professor  Juracy Cançado / RJ - Ano: 2007)
- Curso de Florais de Minas (Professor Rodhrigo Campos / RJ - Ano 2009)
- Formação em Biossíntese (Escola de Biossíntese / RJ - Ano 2008)
- Workshop Massagem Metamórfica (Facilitadora Surama / RJ – Ano 2010)
- Tarô de Marselha (Professor Mickael Jan / RJ – Ano 2011)





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